About Work For All

Our Mission:

Alleviate systemic poverty in the world so people with initiative and ability can improve the human condition for themselves and their families.

How are we going to achieve this?

Work for All works with other charities and organizations to create opportunity in places where the population suffers from systemic poverty. Systemic poverty exists when there is no mechanism in place for an individual to escape the poverty they were born into despite their initiative or ability.

One way this foundation works to provide basic needs, such as education and infrastructure, to the world’s most vulnerable to this systemic poverty is through child sponsorship. Work for All connects each long-term employee of the Investologist corporation to one child sponsorship with Plan International.

What do we want?

We want to increase our impact towards ending systemic poverty by having other likeminded business contribute to this cause. We encourage other businesses to unite their companies with the Child Sponsorship model.

What is the long-term plan for Work for All?

We are working towards a goal larger than just our pay cheques. We want unit those who can to work with us to make an impact towards eliminating systemic poverty.

What set Work for All apart?

  • –    An entrepreneurial approach to alleviate systemic poverty for the long term
  • –   We draw from the resources of businesses rather than individuals
  • –   Status as a public foundation in Canada
  • –   Our management philosophy; We say was we are going to do, we do what we said, and we check to ensure that it was done. Integrity is evidenced in our character and action.

Contact Us:

Email: info
Web: www.workforall.com