About Work For All

Our Mission:

Alleviate systemic poverty in the world so people with initiative and ability can improve the human condition for themselves and their families.

Executive Summary:

How are we going to achieve our mission?

Systemic poverty exists when there is no mechanism in place for an individual to escape the poverty he or she was born into despite his or her initiative or ability. This occurs because of a lack of obtainable basic needs, education, and infrastructure.

Work for All works with other charities and organizations on projects and programs that work to build and generate these missing pieces to create opportunity in places where it previously did not exist.

How do we operate?

Work for All is an International Charity. Presently we operate as a US Non-profit Organization and a Canadian Public Foundation. These are separate entities and follow different guidelines (and accounts) dictated by their respective countries, but both organizations share common goal of eliminating systemic poverty by combining the forces of businesses throughout the world.

What do you get?

When you subscribe to Work for All, you receive our newsletters via email. The newsletters feature what we are accomplishing as a foundation, relays relevant information about systemic poverty, and puts a human touch to what we are doing in different parts of the world that you can share with your fellow workers.

What are we asking for?

We are asking for a contribution of $50, $500 or $5000 dollars a month from each business that joins us.  The size of the donation should be such that it has no impact on the success of your business. None. Zero.  The significance of what we can do without disrupting businesses anywhere is what makes us special.  Almost any successful business can afford fifty dollars per month as a donation.  Most businesses can afford five hundred dollars per month.  Very successful businesses can afford to donate $5,000.00 per month – all without impacting the mission and goals of the business.

What percentage of my donation goes to the cause?

93%-100% of contributions go to the causes we support. We spend something less than 7% on fundraising and management, and the Investologist Corporation covers all administration and general costs. You will also receive a receipt each year for 100% of your donation.

What is the long term plan for Work for All?

In the future, we expect to tap into the skills and experience of our business partners to do more work in the field. Do you want to produce a water treatment plant, build a road or set up a communication center? Once we get to this stage we will be able to use our newsletter to coordinate with businesses that want to be hand on in the effort to eliminate poverty.

What sets work for all apart?

  • • An entrepreneurial approach to alleviate systemic poverty for the long term
  • • We combine the resources of business rather than individuals
  • • Status as a public foundation in Canada and the United States
  • • Backing by the Investologist Corporation: covering all Administration and General expenses
  • • Newsletters, suitable for posting, to connect our contributors what we are accomplishing and problems that need to be solved
  • • Our management philosophy: We say what we are going to do. We do what we said. We check to ensure that we did it.
  •    Integrity is evidenced in our character and action.