Letter from the Investologist


The best we can to eliminate systemic poverty.

Monthly contributions are what link us together: a group of businesses with owners and employees who care about ending systemic poverty. By appealing to businesses, whose company cultures dictate a desire to give back, we are building a community of people. A community that has work experience and wants to use its knowledge and resources to create successful workplaces in impoverished areas around the world. It is the strength of repetition and numbers that we are harnessing. Each contribution starts at only $50 per month, but, $50 from a 1000 businesses every month, is $600,000 per year. Some businesses are already contributing a lot more. With these kinds of numbers we are able to make a significant impact towards achieving our mission.

Work For All’s Monthly Initiatives:

  • • Carefully researching how our contributions can be best utilized to achieve our mission.
  •    (There are many charities accomplishing great things.)
  • • Determining which specific projects are most relevant to our cause.
  • • Providing information in our newsletter to educate and stimulate our readers.
  • • Keeping our contributors abreast of galvanizing initiatives and what we are doing to help.


We are also working on taking our collective expertise and applying it to solve specific problems. This might mean writing a manual, setting up a water treatment plant, or other specific and focused tasks.

As a fairly new entity we will continue to define ourselves and adopt best practices. We value your partnership on this journey.

– Jeremy Leonard