Letter from the Investologist


The best we can to eliminate systemic poverty.

Our goal is to eliminate systemic poverty in the world. The engagement of our employees in this vision is evident in our culture. One way we built this culture is by connecting each long term employee with a child sponsorship through Plan International.

Building and connecting with our local communities.

We also support local charities and youth sports teams that are directly engaged in the communities near where we work and live.

Work For All’s Monthly Initiatives:

• Monthly contributions to keep each employee connected with a child sponsorship.

Carefully researching how our contributions can be best utilised to achieve our mission. (There are many charities accomplishing great things.)

Determining which specific projects are most relevant to our cause.


I think in my companies we all understand that we are working towards a larger goal than just our own pay cheques, and this unites and strengthens our resolve to be productive at work.

I hope our efforts encourages other business owners to take similar steps

– Jeremy Leonard