Who is the Investologist?

That is me, Jeremy Leonard. I am the founding director of Work For All.  I have worked as a lifeguard, soldier, firefighter, ambulance attendant, commercial diver, supervisor, manager, engineer, economist, and chief executive officer. I have been actively investing in both public and private markets since 1979. I lead two active businesses, one in Canada and one in the United States.  I am a British Subject and a Canadian Citizen but spend a ton of time each year in the United States.

In Grade Eleven I said I wanted to earn enough money to support my family and then I would try to alleviate systemic poverty in the world.  A lot of new people were born into poverty while I was engaged in family creation and support, (more than a billion) so now I have to work harder. 

How was I able to organize a public charitable foundation?

I paid attention to the following concepts:

1. A big man’s no is the same as a little man’s no but a big man’s yes means a whole lot more.

2. You can stand in front of an empty fireplace and say “give me heat and I will give you wood” as long as you want and you will not get heat. You have to put the wood in first.

3. It takes twenty years to get twenty years’ experience.

4. Plan your life and live your plan. (Say what you are going to do, do what you said you would do, and check to make sure that you did it).

5. If you want to make real money you have to do real work.

6. If you do not follow the principles of Integrity (Wholeness, Soundness, Uprightness and Honesty) in your life you will not find lasting and meaningful happiness or satisfaction in anything.

7. On good and bad reasons for believing anything: Evidence is the good reason. Tradition, Authority, and Revelation are bad reasons.

What personal investment advice do I share with my six children?

1. Make a written plan.  Do a one page summary of your assets, liabilities, income, expenses, and goals. Include what you want to achieve in three days, three weeks, three months, and three years. Do this now and do it again every January 1st and every July 1st. When you make changes to your plan do it in writing.

2. Get a financially valuable skill if you do not already have one. (Be an educated wage earner with a regular, consistent income if you are not already).

3. Become a net saver where your monthly consumption is less than your net earnings. Save something every day/month/year and resist the urge to spend your savings unless you need them for food/clothing/shelter.

4. From your savings put aside some emergency money in a government guaranteed security where there is little chance that you will lose your investment.

5. Allocate a monthly amount that you can afford to lose to an investment portfolio.  You can make the most gains by investing in yourself and starting a business. You can also invest in other private businesses or utilize the stock market to invest in public businesses.

6. Do as much research as you can to find out what you want to invest in. Make your own decisions regarding your investments. No-one else has as much interest in managing your own money as you do. Do not give anyone else the control over your investments.

What Value Does Work For All Provide?

Work for All Foundation coordinates and directs Investologist Corporation’s efforts to eliminate systemic poverty. We have academic qualifications, real world experience, and endless enthusiasm.  By sharing our efforts we hope to inspire other like minded businesses and make a bigger impact.

Thank you for caring.

Jeremy Leonard