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The Investologist, Jeremy Leonard, has built five additional companies that support Work for All while they are all doing great things around the world. Use the links here to connect to websites for each of these companies:

Canada Pump and Power (CPP)

Pacific Pump and Power (PPP)

Mighty Pumps

Mighty Dredge

Brazil Pump and Power (BPP)

These companies are able to support the Work for All foundation because of their success in the industrial marines sector; with a focus on diving, pumping, barging, and dredging. Through the Work for All Foundation, our employees do not only go to work for themselves and for our company, but also they are working to support our goal to eliminate systemic poverty. A personal connection with a child elsewhere in the world with a child sponsorship for each permanent employee is one way we are able to give back to the world in general.

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